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Instead of having your boat costing you money while it lays dormant, Flotespace create a stream of revenue for boat owners.

FLOTESPACE is an online market place where boat owners can generate revenue from their boats. When the boat isn’t in use, which for many people is all too often, it allows others to rent the “space” for overnight stays and unique working environments when berthed in a marina.

So instead of having your boat costing you money while it lays dormant, it’s creating a stream of revenue.

Boat owners have the ability to generate additional income when the vessel is not in use; the boat can be rented by day or night to responsible individuals. This can pay off berthing fees, anti-fouling or simply bring in additional cash.

If you don’t want the hassles of boat ownership, Flotespace opens up a new way of getting outside and enjoying the water. 

Flotespace caters for a wide range of customers and the variety of boats are suitable for families, young couples, retirees and also corporate professionals. 

Company founder and keen boater Hugh Treseder told Fishing World the idea will break down some of the barriers that, in the past, have stopped people from enjoying one of Australia’s greatest pastimes.

“Flotespace will increase boating participation across Australia and allow boat owners an easy way of drawing revenue from their pride-and-joy,” says Treseder.

The homegrown Aussie company is working closely with industry bodies across maritime safety and tourism, enabling people to experience this unique and wonderful life. According to Flotespace there will be an uplift in tourism and also an opportunity to stay or work on board a multitude of magnificent boats as opposed to a hotel room or shared office space. 

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