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HydroTab Trim Tabs now available from BLA


BLA have recently added HydroTab interceptor-style trim tabs to their range.

Hydrotab trim tabs are an patented trim system designed for optimised efficiency and boat control, and are, according to the manufacturers, characterised by simplicity and robustness. HydroTab’s trim tab interceptors are designed to operate in the harsh sea environment, and improve your boat cruising experience. They are said to give instant lift, increased safety in bad weather, enhanced fuel economy and improved boat control.

The motion of the interceptor tab is achieved through a high resistance bladder, which is expanded pneumatically. This allows a very simple mechanism that is open to the sea water without any sealing, which in the same time creates very high shifting forces (up to 2000kg).



  • Enhanced feel of steering for consistent and stable route
  • Good planing, less rocking and more speed even in rough seas
  • Minimum drag effect and increased fuel efficiency
  • Easy control panel (manual or/and fully automated mode)
  • Simple but robust mechanism
  • Discrete, quick and easy installation
  • Robust and simple construction (the housing is constructed from high quality Inox 16 stainless steel, while the blade is made by lightweight composite material that is resistant to sea fouling).
  • No maintenance, self-cleaning, with a 5 year mechanical and 2 year electrical warranty
  • Switches rated to IP67
  • 10m air hose included
  • 12 or 24 volt operation


According to the manufacturers, compared to traditional trim systems, Hydrotab interceptors give more:

  • Planing ability
  • Feeling and consistency of steering
  • Speed gains
  • Onboard comfort
  • Discreet, minimal and low space/volume fitting
  • Are quick and easy to install
  • Smart and innovative patented design
  • Have zero fails, reliable mechanism

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