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Mercury one-stop prop shop

THE propeller is the single most important factor in how a boat performs.

That’s why Mercury Marine has invested so much over the past 70 years to create the industry’s largest range of propellers – more than 700 in all. It’s all about Mercury delivering the best on-water experience possible.

Mercury has its own state-of-the-art foundry which specialises in Investment Casting – the best technique for creating highly accurate, high performance metal products. The associated testing lab examines the strength of prototypes and production props with torture tests that push the propellers to the limit over and over again.

The propellers are then analysed in real life conditions at a specialised hydrodynamic test facility, which boasts a test fleet of 110 boats of all shapes and sizes.

Mercury also has a complete materials lab with two PhD metallurgists on staff. Mercalloy, specifically designed for Mercury’s die-casting process, delivers high strength while being easy to use. This allows Mercury and Quicksilver propellers to sport thinner blades, giving better performance without sacrificing durability.

In the high-performance sphere, Mercury’s legendary X7 alloy, used in both Mercury Enertia and Mercury Fury propellers, is claimed to be 30 per cent stronger than and four times more durable than the best stainless steel used by competitors.

A range of other propellers are created from Mercury’s proprietary 15-5 alloy, which provides an ideal blend of strength and corrosion resistance.

For more information on Mercury’s full range of propellers and to choose the right one for your needs go to

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