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Mercury’s fuel treatments

MERCURY Marine has just released a new range of fuel treatment products, called Quickare, Quickleen and Quickstor.

Mercury says the improved formulas in all three products have been specifically designed to suit our harsh marine environment, unlike many automotive treatments.

“Not only do these produce enhance engine protection, they also simplify the entire process,” said Paul McLean, Mercury’s Aftermarket & Accessories Director.

“It’s now as easy as One-Two-Three.”

Step 1 – Quickare Added to every fill-up to maximise performance and minimise corrosion and deposits. Keeps fuel fresh.

Step 2 – Quickleen Used during boating to help clean and protect your engine. Removes carbon deposits and prevents engine knocking and piston seize-up.

Step 3 – Quickstor Added to fuel before storing or when the engine is not being used for extended periods. Prevents regular and ethanol-blended fuel from breaking down and oxidising.

Quickare, Quickleen and Quickstor all come in new round plastic see-through bottles so customers can easily see how much product they have left.

Mercury Marine recommends boat owners only buy fuel from trusted sources, routinely inspect fuel tanks for water sediment, regularly check their fuel filter and carry a spare fuel filter in case of sudden blockage.

Recommended Retail Prices (RRPs) are as follows;

Quickare $16.61 – 1 bottle treats 454 litres; Quickleen $20.85 – 1 bottle treats 227 litres; Quickstor $16.61 – 1 bottle treats 227 litres.

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