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NORGLASS says its Northane two-pack paint is the optimum finish for fishing boats because it is totally non toxic and non tainting when cured. In addition to painting your boat it is also ideal for bait tanks, bilges, berley gear and other fishing aids.

Because Northane is a waterproof coating there is nothing to leach into the water and repel the fish you are trying to catch. When used in the bilge of aluminium boats it also prevents electrolysis from occurring if a stray piece of copper wire, or sinkers, swivels, hooks, coins etc. accidentally find their way into the area.

With fibreglass boats, oxidising gelcoat and boat polishes can be as much of a deterrent as anti-fouling paint in a fishing zone, so using Northane can be considered a “stealth” coating.

Northane is available in 16 standard colours including black, white & clear. Check out the “How To” guides on the Norglass website which detail all the application data.

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