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ANCHOR Right Australia is now offering its Excel anchor in a stowable and compact lightweight version.

Anchor Right released its Sarca Excel steel galvanised anchor about fours years ago.  Anchor Right says at first the Excel was mistaken as “just another” Delta style concept.

“In the short amount of time since the release of the Excel customers have come to realise that the Excel is not just another anchor,” said Rex Francis of Anchor Right.

“As a result of its outstanding holding power and ability to stay hooked in through tide and wind changes, it’s popularity has absolutely sored with tales of it holding through storms where other anchors simply dragged.”

Francis said yachts and multi hulls are creating powerful demands on Anchor Right Australia’s manufacturing line

“I am sure the following Excel version will increase further demand with the new alloy version,” he said.

“What’s different is it has a removable shank that can be assembled in minutes, further the anchor’s shank is fed in from under the fluke that is not reliant of load bearing bolts, it has bolts simply to keep the shank in place, not one, but two.”

“Another major feature is for the first time we have an alloy anchor that does not suffer from loss of tip weight,” said Francis.

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