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Treat your engine

Powerboat owners need to be extra vigilant to protect their engines and entire fuel systems from the damage and contamination that often occurs during storage.

This can be a major issue for thousands of recreational boat owners around Australia who regularly take breaks from the water.

Poorly maintained fuel systems can adversely affect engine reliability which is why Quicksilver developed its Fuel System Treatment & Stabilizer – to protect boat and engine fuel systems for extended periods of time.

Just add it before each fill-up to help maintain fuel integrity and protect the fuel system against varnish and gum deposits, rust, corrosion and oxidisation.

Quicksilver’s stabilizer has been specifically designed for use in all two or four-stroke petrol and diesel engines.

By preventing the formation of impurities in dormant fuel systems, Quicksilver’s Fuel System Treatment & Stabilizer protects engines, fuel tanks and fuel lines against chemical damage, deposits and clogs which could cost thousands of dollars.

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