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Turn your trailerboat into a bluewater machine with Hook’em

Turn your trailerboat into a gamefishing boat with Hook’em Rod Riggers – they are a cost effective alternative to outriggers.

IF you’ve thought about having a crack at the small black marlin, dolphinfish, tuna and other pelagic species that make their way along the coast each year – but don’t want to go to the expense of outriggers that you might use just a few times a season – these Hook’em Fishing Rod Riggers are worth checking out.

We gave them a good run at Port Stephens recently, in Fisho writer Nathan Bajada’s boat, and we’re very impressed with their quality construction and performance.

Machined from marine-grade stainless steel, with a base designed to lock into any rod holder with a gimbal pin, and a flared opening at the top, they’re suitable for use with both spin and overhead outfits. There’s also a lanyard lug welded onto each rod rigger, which allows it to be secured to the boat (so you don’t lose them in big seas).

We found a couple of effective ways to mount the rod riggers in the rod holders, both of which extended the rod tip position to ensure our trolled lures ran in clean water beyond the boat’s prop wash.

The first option was to set the rod rigger so the rod tip was high, which allowed the skirted lures to work in a way very similar to a traditional outrigger set-up. Having your lures running in clean water means they’re more visible to fish – and we’re certain if there were any marlin or dolphinfish in the area, they would have nailed them!

The other option was to set the rod rigger so the rod tip was more parallel to the water, which saw the lures run in a way more enticing to speedsters like mackerel. We’ve also previously used rod riggers in this position chasing Southern bluefin tuna in Victoria – and it proved very effective on school-sized fish.

Optional Bring gamefishing within reach with these Hook ’em Rod Riggers

Yet another way the rod riggers could be used is with Dubro release clips. This enables you to fish with an open spool or reel in freespool when livebaiting. It’s the same principle as a Black’s release clip using traditional outriggers, although in this scenario the clip is attached to your rod.

Hook’em Rod Riggers are very easy to use, with their simple slide-in/slide-out design, and are small enough to stow in side pockets or under the bunks when not needed.

With a RRP of around $200 (set of two), it’s an inexpensive way to turn any trailerboat into any effective bluewater fishing machine.

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