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Watersnake gets GPSmart

WATERSNAKE has released its much-anticipated GPSmart electric motor, which uses patented GPS technology to automatically lock your boat in position, like a virtual anchor, plus it can also track along a recorded route and cruise at a chosen speed in a set direction.

Watersnake’s Brian Black said, “The big breakthrough with GPSmart is the unmatched accuracy. Testing has proven this patented GPS technology to be four times more accurate than other brands’ GPS motors, so you’re not constantly drifting off the mark and repositioning all the time.”

“The GPSmart’s micro-computer utilises a HD GPS receiver to control your position. We have optimised this system for 16ft-24ft sportfishing boats and it automatically compensates for cross-currents of two or more knots, or wind speeds up to 30 knots,” Black said.

The 24V GPSmart motor delivers its 80lb thrust across 10 forward and 10 reverse speeds. The 60-inch composite shaft is non-corrosive and flexes on impact to avoid damage. The three-blade weedless propeller mounts onto a stainless steel prop shaft.

In Manual Mode, it’s like a standard electric motor; one press of a button shifts to Anchor Mode, at which time the motor locks-in the GPS coordinates and maintains that position by controlling the steering and thrust. You can then adjust your anchor position in 5ft (1.52m) increments simply by pressing a button. Storing and recalling an anchored position is easy, with up to eight memory slots for anchor locations.

Recording paths in Route Mode is also controlled with the hand remote—you can even store a route with the motor stowed, while travelling at up to 60 knots—and there’s enough memory to record over 1600km of courses.

Track Mode locks-in the boat’s current heading and controls the steering to maintain a constant track, compensating for wind or current, like an autopilot. Speed can be adjusted while in Track Mode and the Track Course can be adjusted in increments with the press of a button.

Each GPSmart motor comes with two wireless remote controls and a bonus quick release bracket.

The GPSmart motor has a rugged build designed for saltwater, with corrosion-resistant components throughout, plus the GPS technology is expertly fitted in the USA, for added quality control.


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