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Power-Pole unveils The MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor

Power-Pole introduces a new movement in total boat control with the Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor.

Nearly a decade in the making, the Power-Pole says the MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor was concepted and constructed from the ground up with a focus on not just improving upon existing offerings but exceeding them in every way. The result, according to Power-Pole, is not only the most powerful electric motor available, but also the quietest and most durable trolling motor sportfishing has seen.

Founder John Oliverio and the Power-Pole team began by looking at the technology and materials available and decided that to bear the name Power-Pole; they needed to begin from scratch. To have the power and stealth, Power-Pole needed to produce its own brushless motor and steering components to achieve its goals.

The Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor is constructed of the same premium materials and innovation that have made Power-Pole the industry standard Shallow Water Anchors. The technology used in the Next-Gen Brushless Motor and STEALTH STEERING DRIVE are key to the power production, and the operational reliability of the motor.

The motor and steering systems in the Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor are engineered to produce power while remaining near silent in their operation. The Power Unity System of the brushless motor and reinforced Techflow Propeller create 30-percent more power than industry leading trolling motors, all while being whisper quiet in the propulsion and the steering systems.  

The low-profile bracket features the ported aluminum design made famous by our Blade Shallow Water Anchors and is protected by Power-Pole’s Multi-layer Corrosion Resistance Technology.  Even the hinges, locks and pivot points of the bracket are engineered to withstand the rigors of extreme fishing conditions.  

The shaft is manufactured from nearly unbreakable aerospace-grade titanium that will hold up to extreme pressure. While it is built to last, the Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor is built with contingencies so that anglers can stay on the water.  Compound fail-safes were engineered into the system to ensure that the motor functions as it should even if parts become compromised.

The Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor comes standard with all of the features the modern angler has become accustomed to and more. Features like advanced Anchor Mode allows the angler to stealthily maintain position while focusing on fishing. The Vector Heading feature follows a straight course down a bank or offshore drift, while our Follow a Route feature guided by ProNav allows the angler to use the Power-Pole app or compatible device to set a route for the motor to follow. Finally, a Compass Heading feature causes the motor to bear towards specific compass headings identified by the user.

The Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor is available in two versions. The MOVE ZR is a model with a hinged scissor bracket commonly used on bass boats and the MOVE PV, a pivoting version most commonly used on saltwater and big water boats. Both versions are built to withstand use in saltwater environments, will operate in 24- or 36-volt systems, are integrated with our C-Monster 2.0 wireless connection system and produce Max True Thrust of 100 pounds in a 36-volt system or 78 pounds in a 24-volt setup. Power-Pole has chosen to use real world honest “True Thrust” numbers to measure MOVE performance instead of the current industry inflated scaling standards.

The Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor carries a three-year warranty on everything but the titanium shaft, which is protected by a lifetime warranty, similar to our Lifetime Everflex Spike Warranty found in our Shallow Water Anchors. 

The MOVE ZR is available in shaft lengths of 45, 52 and 60-inch versions.  It comes standard with our Wireless RealFeel Foot Pedal, separate wireless Foot Buttons that control Anchor Mode and GPS functions along with a Wireless Trolling Display to help the angler keep up with the system. MOVE ZR also comes with a Wireless Hybrid Remote complete with Charging Cradle that is compatible with our Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors through the C-Monster 2.0 system.  MOVE ZR begins at $4999 MSRP for the 45-inch, $5199 for the 52-inch or $5399 for the 60-inch version. There is a $200 increase for a model with integrated Lowrance HDi transducer.

The Power-Pole MOVE PV is also available in of 45, 52 and 60-inch shaft lengths, and a 72-inch model. It comes standard with two Wireless Hybrid Remotes with a wireless Charging Cradle and a quick release bracket mount. MSRP for the MOVE PV begins at $4999 MSRP for the 45-inch, $5199 for the 52-inch or $5399 for the 60-inch and $5599 for the 72-inch version.

MOVE PV is also compatible with our Wireless RealFeel Foot Pedal, Wireless Foot Buttons and Wireless Trolling Display; these are available as optional accessories. Both the MOVE ZR and MOVE PV are available in black or white colour schemes of our Multi-layer Corrosion Resistance Technology finishes.

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