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Yamaha 4.3 Litre V6 f350 review

YAMAHA’s F350 is fine example of where modern outboard technology is heading. Fishing World had an opportunity to jump onboard and test the latest and greatest from Yamaha this week in Brisbane.

The team from Yamaha fitted two boats with the latest F350 for testing – a Bar Crusher 780HT and Cruise Craft 720HT EX. Both are fantastic Aussie made boats and both perfect matches for the latest outboard from Yamaha.

The F350 is a 4.3 Litre V6 outboard with a fully new design and build. It looks slick with new graphics, cowling shape, and the choice of the traditional Yamaha Signature Grey or pearlescent white. 

It’s also a neat set up at the transom with the digital electric steering eliminating the need for excessive cables that tend to make a mess of many boats. 

It’s the lightest engine in its class and that allows it to fit on a greater variety of boats, making it a powerful engine.

Speaking of power, we jumped onboard the boats at Manly, Brisbane and took them out on the windy bay for some hands-on testing. Hole shot performance was impressive, as was mid range acceleration. The engines are smooth, quiet and powerful. 

The Cruise Craft was a nice boat to drive and a perfect match for the F350. Performance reports show the Cruise Craft’s optimism causing speed was just under 23 knots and 3500 RPM. At this speed the F350 burns 33.15 L/h. Wide open and the Cruise Craft tops out at 46.65 knots and 6000RPM and full usage was 115.4 L/h. It’s no slouch and felt at home in the windy conditions punching through the chop. 

The plate Bar Crusher is another fantastic boat and was equally at home on the windy Brissie day. Again, the optimum cruise speed was 3500 RPM and just under 25 knots. It’s a slightly lighter boat than the Cruise Craft. Wide open, the big Bar Crusher made it to 45.3 knots and burned 115.6 L/h.

Both boats performed effortlessly. If conditions are smooth, the top end performance is hard to beat, while in your average bumpy seas, sitting around 20 to 25 knots will provide fuel efficiency and a comfortable ride. 


Yamaha’s F350 features the company’s state-of-the-art built-i Digital Electric Steering.

It’s neater at the transom thanks to the lack of hoses, hydraulic lines, steering umps, etc. And for the same reason, it makes installation easier for dealers and more affordable for buyers. Most importantly, it’s a pleasure to drive at the helm. The Digital electric steering is exceptionally smooth and responsive and adjusts depending on speed for simple and intuitive driving. 

Helm Master EX

Helm Master was introduced a few years ago and is an optional extra for the F350. Having this as an option, even after the initial purchase, really future proofs your outboard.

The integration between outboard and an assortment of useful boat control features makes this a game changer. 

Functions such as auto pilot and joystick manoeuvrability makes for safe and intuitive driving. The new (optional) Variable Speed Bow Thruster is another clever feature that allows you to have a finer control over your speeds. It would be particularly handy while trolling at slow speeds where it allows you to go incredibly slow. The bow thruster, with the push of a button, will help keep you on track. 

Another clever feature is the FishPoint function. This keeps your boat in one place’s allowing you to fish in heavy wind or current around FADs or marker buoys without drifting away. This is a great feature and for a boat of this size, opens up so many options for fishing that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Other features

The new F350 features a more efficient gearbox to ensure maximum torque transfer from the power head to the propeller while improving the long term durability of the engine.

The gear case also features Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust  (TERE) technology that shifts exhaust bubbles away from the prop when operating in reverse under 2500 RPM. This provides cleaner water and greater prop grip and improved thrust.

Another useful addition is the optional propeller light. The rear panel light flashed when the outboard is operating making it safer to use and to warn other boaters or swimmers of the propeller.

Finally, the new F350 comes with TotalTilt. This allows you to complexity tilt the engine form any position with a simple double push of a button to fully tilt down with the same double push on the “down” button. 

All up, the V6 F350 performed effortlessly across the plate and fibreglass boats. If you’re looking for. Lightweight, powerful, and modern engine with an endless list of options and “future proofing” integrations for precise boat control, Yamaha’s F350 is a great option.

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