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Vallon saltwater revivals sunglasses review

EVERY serious angler has a special pair of sunglasses specifically for fishing. I have several criteria that I look for to ensure that I have a pair capable of protecting my eyes. I am the person who would skip a potentially good day on the water if I didn’t have my sunglasses because I have sensitive eyes. So I take my sunglasses seriously.

My number one priority is protection over aesthetics. Unfortunately, most sunglasses brands have struggled to deliver a product that does both seamlessly. I have a separate pair of sunglasses for day-to-day wear that may be easier on the eye. Be aware of using sunglasses that allow light in through the sides. The UV can have a greater impact as it bounces off the lens back into your eye. I got seriously burned eyes from this exact experience recently with my trendy sunglasses, not my fishing pair!

Vallon has released a pair of fishing specific lenses and frames called “Saltwater Revival”. The frames wrap around to maximise peripheral vision and minimise sunlight leaking in the sides. This is essential. Wearing sunglasses that cover your eyes from all directions reduces the risk of hooks flinging in when trying to yanking a lure back from a snag. Peripheral vision is often overlooked to improve safety but observing the environment for anything happening could increase the chances of catching fish.

The Vallon lenses are fantastic out of the packet and being tested on the water reducing glare and penetrating the water to reveal structure and passing fish. They are 100% UVA/B protecting and polarised for optimal vision with enhanced contrast. They aren’t glass lenses which is something that a lot of anglers are looking for, which will also mean a substantially greater cost. Glass lenses reduce the risk of scratching. To counteract the risk of the lens deteriorating over time Vallon have implemented an anti scratch coating. They also use water and oil-repellent coating that can lead to smudging. 

To further protect your highly values lenses you should avoid putting them on your head. Use sunglass savers to string them around your neck safely. This avoid oils from your hair toughing the lens but also reduces outward pressure on the frame. I like to give my glasses a spray with Windex or better still, sunglasses spray and a whip down with a glasses microfibre cloth and avoid touching the lens after that. If you get splashes of water on the lens you can blow it off as opposed to rubbing.

One of the best features of the Vallon “saltwater revivals” is that the lens is made from 85% recycled fishing nets and every pair of Vallon sunglasses purchased adds another 1kg of plastic waste being cleared. For me, this is something that everyone should be conscious of. All sunglasses should be leading the way in sustainable manufacturing and Vallon have taken this challenge on. The lenses of glasses are the perfect product to be looking to make an environmental decision.  

All in all I am very happy with my pair of “Saltwater revivals”. I went game fishing for a day and was able to enjoy my time on the water squint-free. Anything that keeps you on the water for longer is an essential piece of equipment. The frames sat comfortably and did not place pressure on my nose or ears, they also didn’t fall off during the chaos of leadering a marlin. Sometimes wrap-around sunglasses are uncomfortable, these guys worked well for my shaped head. I would recommend looking at this European sunglasses company when purchasing your next pair.

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