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Daiwa Saltiga Over There

DAIWA’S Saltiga Over There has been designed to cater to the rigours of Australian saltwater. A heavy weight lipless minnow that excels at long-distance casting, Saltiga Over There is a go-to lure when chasing fish that always seem to be just out of reach. 

A centre-balanced weight ensures that the Over There produces an enticing shimmy action whilst sinking, allowing anglers to use the Over There at varying depths. The Over There is a multi-use lure, whether it’s burning it across the top to imitate a skipping gar or saury or worked with long sweeps and pauses to produce an enticing lift and fall action.

The Over There features a full through-wire construction, while belly swivels ensure a higher landing percentage as the middle hook always has free movement thanks to the swivel. BKK Diablo inline singles are rigged straight out of the box so you can simply tie it on and get casting. The 80S features a single rear hook, while the 110s and 130S feature a belly and rear hook.

Available in three sizes, 80mm, 110mm and 130mm and eight colours. 

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