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Bassday Backfire popper


BASSDAY make some of the best Japanese lures available. According to the manufacturers, their expertise in the surface lure market is second to none with the SugaPen one of the deadliest and best surface lures available. Their newest creation, the Backfire was originally designed for Black Porgy on Lake Hamana in Shizuoka but it has proven itself in our local conditions already. And like the SugaPen is sure to be a favourite for keen anglers.

The Backfire is 65 mm long and through-wired making it strong and dependable. It weighs 7.5 g and is said to cast well for a small lure. The large cupped face is capable of both dramatic pops, and small subtle, ripple inducing pops, when using a slow and light touch.

The slim profile produces little wind resistance. The action is that of a classic popper and will be suitable for bass, bream and other surface feeders. It works best with a pop, pop, pause technique.

The new model comes in eight colours, all but one designed exclusively for Australia.

Style: Floating Size: 65 mm Weight: 7.5 g Action: Surface Popper

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