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GLISS – the biggest innovation since braid?

I RECENTLY received the opportunity to field test Gliss, the latest wonder line to hit the Australian market. Gliss is manufactured by the German company, World Fishing Tackle (WFT) using extruded Japanese HMPE fibres. Initial reports on Gliss have been extremely positive so I was really interested in getting some to see if this line was as good as all the hype suggested.

I requested a 150m spool of 4kg (10lb) Gliss, which is the lightest size available. However, with a diameter of 0.10mm I don’t think you really need to go any lighter as this stuff is really fine. My first good opportunity to test this new generation line was on a recent trip to Mallacoota where it was subjected to a number of days of intensive lure casting for bream, flathead, tailor and squire using small metal blades, soft vibes and hard bodies.

I’m pleased to say that I came away from the Mallacoota trip extremely impressed with how the Gliss performed. I fished 4lb fluorocarbon leader connected to the Gliss main line with either a triple surgeons knot or double uni-knot and never had a failure. In three days of intensive casting I only had one minor wind knot which pulled straight out, and I was fishing in quite adverse conditions at times on the trip.

The super fine diameter of the Gliss line for the given breaking strain provided superb casting distance with even the smallest of lures. I found the handling qualities of this low stretch line to be similar to the good quality fused GSP lines on the market that I normally use for ultra-light lure fishing.

If you’re into ultra-light finesse style lure fishing where covering the water with long casts is required then I’d suggest you check out Gliss. So far it ticks all the boxes for me and further testing will hopefully prove its long-term durability.

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By Mark Williams

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