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Halco 4 inch Paddle Prawn


LIKE the 3, 5 and 7 inch versions, the Madeyes 4” Paddle Prawn soft plastic can withstand repeated strikes thanks to its durable body that incorporates Madeyes’ proprietary rubber stretch technology.

The Paddle Prawn has a thin, lightweight yet durable tail that floats up towards the surface when paused, and sends vibrations through the water when jigged. The legs and feelers add to the natural appeal making this lure very lifelike underwater. On the drop, with a lift and wind action or straight up slow roll, the Paddle Prawn swims with continuous lifelike action.

The lure is enhanced with natural squid scent, and many colours are highly UV reactive making them noticeable in the water. The Madeyes 4” Paddle Prawn is available in a range of colours including 200 AmberOil, 204 Ivy Flash, 206 Jelly Prawn, 207 Fluoro Orange, 211 raw prawn (new colour), 212 fluoro pink and 215 pearl, and comes with 6 baits per pack.

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