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Millerods unveils high-end off-the-shelf range

Ian Miller, left, with Millerods’ Aku Valta.

RENOWNED custom rod builder Ian Miller has announced a new range of production rods under the Millerods brand.

Millerods will, for the first time, be available to purchase “off the shelf” and will feature the same high quality components, attention to detail and expert design which made the custom Millerods so highly sought after. 

All rods are built for Australian species, for Aussie fishos, with quality components from Fuji and a complimentary custom rod sleeve.

“I’m super happy with the performance and excellence of the new retail production Millerods! They really do offer custom-level quality without the price tag, or the long waiting periods,” says Ian Miller.

“I’m looking forward to being able to provide many more anglers with a fishing rod that can take their experience to the next level!”

Details for the range includes:

For the first time, Millerods will be available off the shelf.

Casting Rods

SwitchFreak UL 732 7’3″ 2pc; Multi-loading action; 4-7kg line; 7-21gm lures

Inspired by Ian’s US bass rod range and designed in a lighter power rating to better suit our lures and our native bass, this baitcaster offers versatility with a wide range of lures and techniques for a number of species.

BeastFreak (Aussie model) 7’10” 2pc; Multi-loading action; #30-60 braid; 30-150gm lures

Australia’s first home-grown, purpose-designed big bait casting rod, the deadly BeastFreak is perfectly suited to a wide range of currently popular swimbait and topwater lures, and famous for being powerful yet user-friendly.

Ambush 702H 7’0″ 2pc; Multi-loading action; #30-60 braid; 60-180gm lures

This is the “unique Aussie” in the Millerods swimbait rod range, a shorter length rod purpose-designed for accuracy with big baits in more restricted casting situations or river fishing environments where presentation is paramount.

DreamFreak 710XH 7’10” 2pc; Multi-loading action; #50-80 braid; 85-225gm lures

For serious swimbait anglers who are exploring larger lures, this is the “go-to” rod. The action, enhanced sensitivity and balance set this rod aside from other big bait rods in the class, and it’s a proven big fish tamer.

SWIMSANITY 832 8’3″ 2pc; Multi-loading action; #80 braid; 170-400gm lures

This is the weapon to cast those giant lures that other rods won’t handle! Millerods has managed to maintain those important features of balance and sensitivity for long hours of casting with huge baits.

Spinning rods

FinesseFreak LC 752 7’5″ 2pc; Multi-loading action; 2-5kg line; 2-10gm lures

Ideal for all small-medium lures in both hard and soft styles. The length of the FinesseFreak has always been a strength of the design, allowing for long casts and excellent lure control which is key for fishing open water.

XFLC 732 7’3″ 2pc; Fast action; 2-5kg line; 2-9gm lures

An all-time favourite in the Millerods line-up, and now re-designed and upgraded, this tournament winning rod is equally suited to fishing soft plastics and hard lures, either casting to the edge, or in deeper water, even vertically.

The GrubFreak and TwitchFreak spinning rods.

TwitchFreak Lt 6’10” 1pc; Multi-loading action; 1-4kg line; 2-7gm lures

Designed as a technique-specific rod for small bibbed hard bodied and topwater lures, the TwitchFreak has a unique action that is also ideal for crab lures and blades, and using both braid and FC lines.

GrubFreak Lt 732 7’3″ 2pc; Med-Fast action; 1-3kg line; 1-6gm lures

This unique soft plastic designed rod is ideal to use in any light or UL application! With a tournament-winning pedigree that delivers true high performance whether fishing deep or shallow, unweighted or with a jighead.

SwordFight #50-80 5’6″ 2pc Stuart Curved butt; Multi-loading exclusive blank action

This is the rod that has helped set the modern Australian daytime swordishing scene alight! The very same blank used to tame countless giant swords including the famous 960lber – the 2nd largest ever caught on rod and reel.

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