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Scientific Anglers Amplitude series fly lines


SCIENTIFIC Anglers (SA) announces the Amplitude series of fly lines — the first fly lines in the world to include the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive.

SA says the AST Plus slickness additive is 50 per cent slicker than lines with AST, while increasing durability by 200 per cent when compared to the competition.

The Amplitude series will debut in two of Scientific Anglers’ most popular tapers: the half-size heavy MPX, an all-around freshwater taper ideal for trout and warmwater species; and the Grand Slam, a compact, powerful saltwater taper designed for chasing bone-fish, permit, and tarpon.

Each line in the Amplitude family will be triple-colored, triple-textured, and feature welded loops on both the front and the rear.

The running lines, heads, and front tapers will each feature a unique colour; the running lines and heads will feature the golf-ball dimpled Shooting Texture, while the front tapers will be embossed with the diamond-shaped Floating Texture.

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