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Shimano Forcemaster 9000

SHIMANO’S longstanding range of electric reels has helped to explore new territory out around the continental shelf, and the latest development – the 12-volt ForceMaster 9000 – is continuing that tradition.

Featuring a line capacity of 1150 metres of 37 kilo braid, the ForceMaster 9000 has a maximum drag of 25 kilos, and a maximum winding strength of 86 kilos.

As the ForceMaster operates under immense pressure, the Hagane body design keeps the internals in precise alignment, and these roll on SA-RB bearings. The motor has improved strength and speed, ripping in 140 metres of line per minute. The Heat Free System II vented sideplate keeps the internals cool, which is important with a full stringer of big hapuka or blueye on its way up.

An easy to read “fine dot” programmable LCD display keeps the angler informed about retrieve speed, drag power, line amount to be recovered, and has a depth alarm to make fishing simpler.

Additionally, the ForceMaster 9000 has an exciting drag sound, to let you know when you’re getting a bite or the fish is running.

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