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Shimano Twin in a spin


IN Shimano’s pursuit of the ultimate in durability and performance, Shimano claims its new Twin Power XD has set a new benchmark for saltwater spinning reels.

The battle tested cold forged Hagane Gear has received a significant upgrade through advancements in Shimano’s high precision technology, resulting in a strength rating that is comparable to one size larger in the previous model. Additionally, X-Ship provides vital pinion and drive gear support, ensuring optimum arrangement for ultra-light smooth reeling. To further protect the engagement of the XD’s internals, the Hagane Body acts as a rigid aluminum armor that firmly suppresses any distortion and twisting when under load.

To oppose unwanted saltwater intrusion, X Protect provides the Twin Power XD with Shimano’s highest degree of protection. Developed specially for the XD series, X Protect leverages a waterproof labyrinth structure that blocks any internal saltwater entry. This is also combined with a new water repellent treatment that is applied to the body, line rollers and roller clutch, making the reel ideal for saltwater applications.

The new Magnum Light Rotor enables effortless winding through a 14 per cent reduction in rotational resistance and a 30 per cent improvement in rigidity. G Free body shifts the reel’s center of gravity closer to the reel seat, perfecting the reel’s balance and feel when in your hand.

Three models with 9 SA-RB bearings and one roller bearing will feature in the Australian market, including a compact 3000 and 5000 size, alongside a standard 4000 size. A carbon cloth drag stack creates between 9kg and 11kg of drag pressure depending on the size and a large diameter drag knob gives you the ability to easily adjust your drag during the fight. The Twin Power is finished with a metallic blue base with silver and gold.

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