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Storm launches three new spinnerbaits

Storm Fishing has launched three new spinnerbaits designed for Aussie native freshwater fish. This is the ST-1.

HERE’s one for freshwater anglers. Lure manufacturers, Storm Fishing, has launched three exciting new spinnerbaits at the 2017 AFTA Trade Show – and they’re developed specifically for our Australian species.

First off the rank is the new TI-1 spinnerbait, featuring a virtually indestructible titanium wire construction. The wire frame is the most important part of any good spinnerbait, and by constructing this out of titanium, Storm was able to make a stronger and tougher spinnerbait, while still having the flexibility and vibration of much spinnerbaits. According to the manufacturers. you can twist, bend and flex the TI-1 spinnerbait any way you want and it will spring back to run straight and true everytime.

The second addition, the ST-1 spinnerbait, uses stainless steel wire but still achieves good vibration. Both the TI-1 and ST-1 come fitted with Storm’s quickchange skirting system in six hot colours. Equipped with quality blades and ball bearing swivels, these two new additions should put plenty of bass, yellowbelly and other natives into the boat for you this year.

The final new spinnerbait adds to the company’s growing sub-brand Gomoku. The diminutive Gomoku spinnerbait features a single Colorado blade on a unique pivoting wire system, which the company says increases swimming action and provides more solid hook-ups. The concept is that because the wire can pivot to obtain the perfect running angle, you can fish the Gomoku spinnerbait super slow or really fast and it will maintain its stature. When a fish bites, the wire pivots straight, resulting in a straight line pull through the tow point and hook resulting in better hooksets.The small profile should prove effective in smaller bodies of water.

To find more info about all the new Storm spinnerbaits, click HERE.


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