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Storm Rip Curl

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FOLLOWING on from the success of the Storm R.I.P Shad, Storm announces the new R.I.P Curl which it says will appeal to big predatory fish. You only have to look at the dominance of these style baits in Australian tournament fisherman to see that fish love the subtle swimming action that a well presented curl tail plastic provides. The new Storm R.I.P Curl delivers this same subtle swimming action of the diminutive soft plastic curl tails, in a larger, more appealing big fish package.

Perfect for species such as mulloway, barramundi, murray cod and more, the R.I.P Curl’s large presence is perfectly complimented by the oversized curl tails swimming action. The curl tail provides a lot of water displacement, making it easy for predators to locate the lure even in turbid conditions. The ribbed body adds extra vibration as well as allowing applied scent to stick to the body for longer.

Available in both a 20cm and 22cm size unrigged, the R.I.P Curl can be rigged on one of Storm’s unique R.I.P Multi Depth Screw System or R.I.P Rigger jig heads, or alternatively, you can rig it your own way with any number of jig head combinations. Available in 8 great colours.

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