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Tsunami Soft Vibe Shads


SOFT vibe lure fishing has taken Australia by storm and the brand-new Tsunami Soft Vibe Shads ensure that these incredibly effective fish-catching weapons are accessible to all anglers.

The Tsunami Soft Vibe Shads are moulded from supple yet tough plastic with good action action and durability. The wire-through design and sharp Mustad hooks add strength to the lure, tipping the odds of landing big fish in the angler’s favour. The well balanced internal weights produce a ‘shimmy’ action that drives predatory fish into a frenzy, according to the manufacturers. The translucent bodies, foil flash, natural colour tones and 3D eyes should even fool timid fish.

The Tsunami Soft Shads are available in two sizes (60mm, 14g and 90mm, 20g) and five colour combinations (Chartreuse/Pearl/Orange, Sand Eel, Clear/Gold/Pearl, Red Head and Golden Bunker). The 60mm shad is good for freshwater native fish such as Australian bass, golden perch and sooty grunter, while the 90mm model will entice bites from barramundi, mangrove jack, mulloway, threadfin salmon and more.

Whether skipped along the bottom, dropped down weed edges, or rolled across shallows, the Tsunami Soft Vibe Shads should wake up large predatory fish in any waterway.

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