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World’s first three-colour polarised transition lens

SUNGLASSES are obviously one of the most important pieces of gear for a fisho, but choosing the optimal lens colour is not always easy.

Different lens colours excel in different situations. Whether fishing in low light, bright light, wrestling a GT offshore or tackling barra inshore, there is no single lens colour that suits all these fishing conditions. So to maintain optimal vision, you need to swap between several pairs of sunglasses from hour-to-hour.

However, Transitions Drivewear is addressing this issue with the world’s only polarised photochromic lens that automatically changes between three colours. Transitions Drivewear says it is the ideal lens solution for all conditions that anglers face, from dark early mornings to glaring sun and from overcast conditions and fog to long afternoon shadows, from rain to the low light of dusk.

Transitions Drivewear changes between three different colours; yellow/olive to copper to dark brown providing the optimal lens colour at the right time. The photochromic technology automatically darkens the lens tint in bright light and lightens the tint in low light. With 100% UV blockage, Transitions Drivewear is also polarized to block blinding glare and to help you see deeper into the water.

Available in non-prescription and prescription, Transitions Drivewear lenses can be fitted into many sunglass frames or you can buy ready-made non-prescription sunglasses.

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