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XXXX Lure Lager can tackles carp problem

XXXX has ingeniously combined the passions of Queenslanders, beer and fishing, to develop and launch the new special-release XXXX Lure Lager can.

The XXXX Lure Lager can features a do-it-yourself cut-out lure, designed to help anglers attract carp and facilitate easier catchers, with the aim of making a direct impact on the overpopulation of carp in the Sunshine State’s waterways and help preserve a delicate balance in these local waterway ecosystems.

Carp, a prolific and unsustainable species, pose a significant threat to Queensland’s Southwest region, causing a range of environmental issues, and damaging aquatic vegetation.

The game-changing lure incorporated in the XXXX Lure Lager can boasts a gold and red colour combination, known for its proven effectiveness in attracting the noxious fish.

By simply scanning the can using their mobile devices, anglers gain access to step-by-step instructions on how to safely cut out and utilise the lure effectively.

Chris Allan, head of marketing – Core Beer, Lion said: “For 145 years, XXXX has
been a proud champion of the Sunshine State, and dedicated to protecting the good life
in Queensland. This special-release aims to educate the public about the impact of
invasive carp on Southwest Queensland’s waterways and emphasises the importance
of preserving the health and diversity of our native aquatic ecosystems.”

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