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Zerek Jet Popper 130


THE Zerek Jet Popper 130 brings a range of user friendly features to a popper size and style that will appeal to many fish.

The length, 130 mm, is ideal for small and large predatory fish. Tailor, salmon and small tuna will find this lure as appealing as larger trevally, queenfish and bigger tuna.

The colour range, which includes 10 colours, imitates and attracts with equal measure while the easy casting 45 g weight allows just about everyone to cast this lure without needing some serious gym sessions.

On the topic of casting, according to the manufacturers, the rear weighted lure flies from the rod tip with reduced tumbling and extra distance, giving the lure more time in the water on every cast – something every angler is looking for.

On the water, the Jet Popper 130 is said to make a loud bloop that is enhanced by the chin hole that allows a massive bubble trail to add appeal both visually and acoustically. The rear tail fins help stabilise the lure in the water, meaning there is less chance of the lure flipping and rolling on the bloop.

Fitted out with heavy duty hardware to handle the pressure, the Zerek Jet Popper should prove to be a popular lure across the country.

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