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ZMan 2.5” PrawnZ


EVERYTHING eats a prawn and the ZMan 2.5” PrawnZ is a lifelike, bite-size prawn profile that will appeal to a wide variety of species in the fresh and salt.

The body design allows the angler to create a natural prawn flick and glide, while thin legs and antennae quiver with the slightest movement for added realism.

Increased bulk in the body allows the plastic to rig effectively on a jighead, before tapering rapidly to a thin, segmented tail, designed to encourage that natural tail flick. Legs extend from each side of the PrawnZ body that, when combined with ZMan’s natural buoyancy, allows the plastic to slowly parachute down, holding in the strike zone longer. Alternatively increase the weight and sink it down with that signature prawn flick and glide.

Available in 15 popular ZMan colours and already a winner on the bream, this versatile presentation can be rigged on a wide variety of TT jigheads, including the HWS (Hidden Weight System), HeadlockZ, NedlockZ, SnakelockZ Finesse and more.
Available now in 15 popular ZMan colours, with 6 per pack and a SRP of $12.95.

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