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Berkley PowerBait Hollow Belly HD review


SOFT plastics seem to come in more shapes, sizes and colours than ever thought imaginable. I’ll be first to admit at being a slightly obsessed tackle junkie and have certainly tried many of them. Hollowbelly plastics are nothing new and quite a few tackle companies have there own version of them on tackle store shelves.

Personally, I never found them overly suitable and applicable to my type of fishing, except fishing weedless around the ocean rocks for mulloway. That said, I do know in Queensland and the Northern Territory that barramundi enthusiasts love them.

One thing stood out immediately with Berkley’s new HD Hollowbellys and it was what I had been searching for some time now – an ultra-realistic looking paddletail soft plastic.

The 4 new high definition baitfish variations of mullet, slimey, garfish and yakka look amazing, I just knew mulloway in a clear water situation would not be able to resist.

On water with a 5-inch version of the mullet colour I quickly noticed while test swimming beside the boat that this plastic also packed some punch with having a great rolling body and tail thump action.

In short time it was crunched by a mulloway, but unfortunately the hooks fell out mid fight. Several hours later, it managed to claim a mulloway which comprehensively swallowed the plastic, several flathead and estuary perch and some damn pesky tailor that ruined a few pieces.

I was impressed by these new lures and mulloway don’t come all that easy. The new packaging with an inner clam shell is nice as you know each plastic would be dead straight and usable, not always what you get with some other brands.

Available in 4, 5 and 6 inch sizes and retailing at $14.99, you certainly get your money’s worth with the guaranteed quality and fish catching ability. I’m certainly not deterred from spending a little extra as I know these lures fool wily clear-water mulloway.

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