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REVIEW: Balista Juggernaut 65 lipless crankbait

ONE of the most consistent methods of catching golden perch at Windamere Dam is slow hopping lipless crank baits across the bottom with various pause times in-between hops. This style of fishing is a type of dead-stick method with pauses of up to several minutes working at various times.

Generally this happens when you stop to talk to other anglers out on the water and the lure is left sitting idly on the bottom. Often the lure is sucked up by a golden perch after an indefinite amount of time with the angler doing nothing.

The Balista range of lures have a water activated red LED light in the tail of the lures so these lures are still actively working whether you are slow hopping, slow rolling or dead-sticking these lures.

For this method of fishing I really like the Balista Juggernaut 65 lipless crankbait, as that little flashing light offers plenty more in muddy water or low light conditions. The Juggernaut 65 lipless crankbait features a soft to medium rattle, and a slow sink rate, around 1/3 metre per second which is ideal for golden perch. Weighing in at 5/8th oz. and measuring in at 65mm, they come fitted with super sharp BKK trebles so they’re ready to go straight out of the box.

The best indicator of a good lure is if it catches fish and these lures certainly do that. Balista has a range of lures and I look forward to trying out some different models on some different species in the near future.

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By Ken Smith (Image: Glen Stewart)

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