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REVIEW: Fish Candy Jelly Cicada


THIS is one for the bass anglers. The River 2 Sea Fish Candy Jelly Cicada is a 42mm long lure weighing in at 5g and constructed from the same 10X tough, soft plastic material first seen in the Jack Hammer soft vibe range. This affords a natural feel but not at the expense of durability: these lures catch fish after fish and can survive being slammed into the side of a boulder or tree trunk on a wayward cast.

The very buoyant, soft body lends itself to skip casting and lands with a subtle “plop” onto the water, with any fish monitoring the cicada crash landing zone under an overhang sure to be convinced it’s the real thing. The Jelly Cicadas cast straight and accurate, possessing a tight action for a wakebait.

Through wire construction offers dependability, with a super sharp size 10 Decoy Ys-25 treble coming rigged on the rear. The absence of the front treble eradicates leader tangle and reduces the chance of snagging. I didn’t notice any decrease in hook up rate during testing compared to other cicada lures, although there is a front eyelet where you can attach a treble if you prefer.

Available in seven patterns, including high visibility UV colours, these will make for an excellent addition to any surface fisho’s tackle box this summer.

RRP: $18.99

By Luke Reilly

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