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REVIEW: Massive 4oz spinnerbaits!


THESE lures are not something that you will buy off the shelf at most stores. A 4oz. spinnerbait is a purpose made lure for catching big Murray cod. At a quarter of a pound in weight it’s not a lure you will cast all day but as a trolling lure I think it may become a legendary lure similar in stature to the aeroplane spinners of yesteryear.

These big flashing, throbbing lures in XXXL, up to 300 mm in length, would match the size of a reasonable golden perch, one of the main items of prey for really big cod. Initial trials with these big lures have shown their cod catching abilities. Aiming for those big metre plus cod is what these lures are designed for, although even my first use showed that small cod would eagerly attack these large lures.

The first prototype 4 oz. I sourced was through Edgecrusher Lures and is marketed as the 4oz. Edge Titan Spinnerbait. The second lure is the Colossus Spinnerbait, from Kingston Lures. Both of these lures come with many features and options including the choice of different blades and tails. These lures are purpose made for trolling lakes and those deeper sections of rivers and backed up waters looking for those big fish. The vibration and flash of these lures with the added attraction of a big grub trailer makes these lures one of the next big things that I am sure the cod anglers of Australia will soon discover. They sink well, troll slow and, can be cast for a short period at that bit of structure against the bank.

These lures generally will be trolled using a heavy rod and large reel to handle the weight of the lure and the water pressure and most importantly bring that fish of a life time to the boat for a quick picture before release! There are some big metre plus cod being caught at Copeton Dam on these super large spinnerbaits in recent times, with reports of a 1030mm and a 1270mm the latest to filter through. I am sure we will see more pictures of big cod being caught on these gargantuan lures in the very near future.

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By Ken Smith

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