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REVIEW: Samaki soft vibe new colours

I’VE recently had the opportunity to field test two new exciting ultraviolet (UV) colours that have been just added to the Samaki Vibelicious and Thumpertail soft vibe lure ranges. Motor Oil Orange and Chartreuse Ginger Squid are the latest additions to the Vibelicious family and both feature those fish attracting UV pigments.

Interestingly, Samaki have employed a dual UV integration system with these new lures whereby UV pigments are firstly added to the lure body during the moulding process, and then also painted onto the completed lure body during the finishing stages of lure construction. This dual integration system ensures maximum UV luminosity for the life of the lure.

My first chance to test these new UV colours out resulted in a great days fishing with five species landed on them including dusky flathead, yellowfin bream, sand whiting, squire and Australian salmon. While I’m sure these new UV colours will catch fish in most conditions, I reckon they will quickly become my first choice in conditions such as low light, and deep or dirty water situations.

Samaki have also now expanded their 100mm/20g Vibelicious & Thumpertail ranges to include the popular Pearl Shrimp colour. This has been my favourite all-round colour for estuarine luring in the 70mm/10g Samaki range and I expect it will be just as successful in the larger 100mm/20g size.

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