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REVIEW: Vale Creek Rod Works four piece 6wt fibreglass fly rod

I RECENTLY tested a three piece fibreglass 4wt fly rod from relatively new inland fly rod builder Vale Creek Rod Works. As I said in the review, I was pretty impressed with the performance and enjoyment of the ‘glass rod and so with a looming Far North Queensland trip, quickly ordered another custom fly rod, this time a four piece 8’8” 6wt.

Fishing the Lynd and Mitchell Rivers about 300 km inland from the gulf, the species that were encountered and caught were archer fish, spangled perch, sooty grunter and fork-tail catfish. The 6wt loads up easily and casts well, and when hooked up to a fish the progressive taper ensures the power in the bottom end comes into play while the soft tip section provides great tippet protection. The rod also preforms roll casts with ease.

The final test of this rod came in the form of a luderick session in Sydney Harbour where the rod really shined when hooked up to a decent blackfish. The traditionalists – or anyone who has used the old methods of fishing with long slow taper ‘glass rods using weed or cabbage baits – should get a real kick out of using this rod for luderick.

Several Sydney-based fly anglers tested the rod and all had good things to say about it. The only negative remarks were the cork grip being a touch bulky, however the reason for this is the rods are custom built and the grips are sanded to the profile of the owners choosing!

And for those living west of the sandstone curtain this versatile rod would suit anyone chasing trout, golden perch, silver perch, carp and small Murray cod. I really like this rod as an all-rounder for the smaller to medium species found in both the fresh and salt.

Seele 886 Rapid S fibreglass four piece fly rod specs as follows:

  • The 886 denotes the rod length as 8’8” and the rod is suited to a 6wt line.
  • Michael Warren, the owner of Vale Creek Rod Works has tested many lines through his range of rods and recommends 406 Fly Lines made to suit med to slow action rods such as glass and cane.
  • Snake brand snake and stripping guides in hard chrome finish and standard loop size snake brand tip are used in the rods construction.
  • The rod is fitted with Vale Creek’s own up-locking reel seat with Tassie cherry pine insert and butt cap.
  • It has a 2in fighting butt and is wrapped with white silk and red tipping wraps of five turns each with flex coat epoxy.
  • The rod is suitable for 4-15lb test tippet making this rod very versatile.

Michael Warren is happy for anyone to visit his Vale Creek Rod Works and to test this rod or any other in his range and to discuss your custom build of blanks, guides, reel seats, hand grips, bindings and price.

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