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TESTED: Mako G3H9 Lenses


I’VE been playing with a pair of new Mako glasses for the past few months. The recently released G3H9 glass lenses are specifically designed for cloudy days. Only available in the “Blade” frame, the G3H9 lenses are a touch lighter in shade and give exceptional clarity and definition in low light.

The G3H9 lens features a copper lens base with a silver flash mirror. Copper has traditionally been the benchmark for the majority of sight fishing lenses due to its ability to highlight the differences in colour between objects and their background.

The new lenses use the latest Japanese technology that involves cutting the crown glass lens at various thicknesses across its inside surface. This produces a lens that is “de-centred”, which means no distortions across the lens. The G3H9 also includes Mako’s 12+ anti reflective coatings. The result is unbelievable clarity and definition in a very comfortable pair of fishing glasses.

If you fish in low light conditions, try a pair of these glasses outside on a cloudy day before you pay your money. I’ll bet you’ll be impressed.

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By Greg Finney

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