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Thermacell EX90 rechargeable Mosquito Repellent review

WHAT happened to El Niño? At the time of writing, the East Coast of Australia is receiving more than its fair share of rain. It’s actually great news! Our rivers and dams always need water and a wet summer usually means good fishing will follow.

However, there is a negative that comes with excessive rain… mosquitos. These annoying creatures can be a real problem in Australia. Sure, we’re lucky in Australia to avoid diseases such as Malaria, but there are other debilitating illnesses that are spread by mozzies and most parts of Australia aren’t immune. Even if they’re not spreading diseases, they’re a nuisance and make outside areas very uncomfortable.

One solution to minimise mosquitos after rain is to ensure there are no puddles of water. At home, this is a simple task and it works most of the time. On a fishing trip, however, the volume of mosquitos are usually out of your control.

A mosquito repelling device such as Thermacell’s EX90 rechargeable Zone Mosquito Repellent is a great option.

Whether you use this at home, take it camping, or even on your boat, the Zone Zone Mosquito Repellent works a treat! It’s easier than constantly applying insect repellent to your skin. I’m also a little cautious when it comes to using insect repellent while fishing. Fish can pick up on the smell of insect repellant if it’s transferred from your fingers onto the lure or bait.

It’s simple to set up and is ready to go in about 15 minutes. Simply charge the EX90 Mosquito Repellent with the supplied micro USB cable. If you’re off-the-grid, you can use a battery pack to recharge it. Once charged, add the refill by removing the top of the device and inserting the cartridge. That only takes a few seconds. Then switch on the button, wait 15 minutes, and enjoy yourself without the worry of getting bitten.

The EX90 Zone Mosquito Repellent will work in a 6 metre diameter. One or two of these devices are perfect for a camp or outside area of your home.The refill lasts for up to 40 hours and additional refills are available to buy on the Thermacell website. 

These would also be a great idea if you were travelling to a place where Malaria is a problem. Stash it in your bag and use it after fishing while enjoying a beer in places such as PNG and the Solomon Islands where mozzies are a genuine threat.

The EX90 is independently tested and EPA reviewed for safety & effectiveness. It comes with a 2-year warranty and is backed by the Thermacell Satisfaction Guarantee.

Thermacell also has different products available, including a backpacking version and much more.

Check out for more information.

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