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Saving fish with Ghost Net Knives

THERE is enough fishing line abandoned each year to wrap around the equator 400 times, and enough abandoned fishing nets to cover the entirety of Scotland. Drifting for years, these ghost nets terrorise everything in their path, from marine life to the marine environment.

The Ironclad Co. have turned this problem material into a product solution, creating the first range of knives with 100% discarded fishing net handles – Ghost Net Knives.

The commercial-grade knife range, made in partnership with 97-year old knife maker Victory Knives, is the second addition to Ironclad Co.’s knife portfolio – the first run saw handles crafted with a plastic alternative made from merino wool.

The fishing nets are recovered from nearshore areas of the ocean by Oceanworks – a company that exists to measure, reduce and track companies’ plastic footprint. This material is then meticulously processed, cleaned and forged onto a lifetime guaranteed blade, turning what was a wasted commodity into something valuable.

The unique filleting knife is the hero in the range of four knives – sleek, flexible and loved by fishermen the world over, it delivers clean, effortless cuts for delicate tasks. And by getting the Ghost Knives into the hands of fishing enthusiasts, The Ironclad Co. are speaking directly to the people controlling the destinies of fishing nets – addressing the problem at its source.

As part of a new Impac+ initiative, every knife sold will haul a further 1kg of discarded fishing nets from the oceans. And part profits from every sale will be donated to LegaSea, a non-profit organisation dedicated to restoring the abundance, biodiversity and health of New Zealand’s marine environment.

Kate Slavin, co-founder & design lead at The Ironclad Co. says: “We’re really excited to see how this project will raise awareness about ghost nets with the very people who care about our marine life so deeply. It’s great to see how circular design can start to solve some of the world’s most pointy problems.”

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