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With the rising cost of shop-bought bait, it makes a lot of sense to collect your own where and when possible. Investing a bit of time to collect your own bait ensures it is of the freshest quality, and you can make it a fun activity with the whole family. Walking sand flats at low tide and pumping nippers is a great way to involve kids in fishing, likewise collecting worms, pipis, yabbies, poddy mullet and so on.

We do a fair amount of bait fishing here in SA, and when we do so we try to collect our own bait prior to the trip. Collecting and using bait is still an effective (and skilful) form of fishing, and sometimes gets forgotten in this era of hi-tech lures. I get a lot of satisfaction from collecting my own bait, and subsequently bagging some decent fish. Below I’ll detail some readily available sources of bait, and offer some basic hints on collecting and keeping this bait.

Jamie Crawford

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