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Beach fishing basics

For many anglers, myself included, there’s no better time than now when the weather’s warmed up after a cold winter and you can get back into a bit of beach fishing. During those stiflingly hot summer days, you won’t find a better fishing environment than a beach in a cool onshore breeze. The warmer months offer some great beach fishing action too, with whiting, mulloway, bream, tailor and Australian salmon featuring regularly in catches. The beach is also one of the best places to introduce the family to the pleasures of recreational fishing. If the fish aren’t on the chew, you can always go for a swim or build a sand castle.

As with so many forms of angling, when beach fishing the use of lighter lines will result in more bites. You’ll also be able to cast further and your line will be less affected by drag from water movement, meaning you’ll be able to fish lighter. Generally speaking, unweighted or lightly weighted baits provide a more natural presentation when conditions allow you to fish that way. Of course, on those days when the wind is blowing hard or the sea conditions are rough, you just have to use a heavier sinker to get a bait out there and keep contact with it. Popular baits when beach fishing include pilchards, beach worms, garfish, pippies and slab baits such as mullet, tailor or tuna. I’m hearing of more serious beach fishos turning to tube worms over beach worms too as they’ve recently become more readily available…

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