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Mulloway magic

As a young bloke, I’d read every piece of fishing literature on mulloway I could get my hands on. Although the locations differed, I remember most of these stories having the same theme – high tide, full moon, fresh or live bait and a tank full of patience. This combination of elements seemed perfect and the images in magazines always backed up the info, however, the countless hours I spent chasing this seemingly elusive creature always ended in bitter disappointment!

For many years the mulloway (jewfish) remained a complete myth for me. Either I was just unlucky or I simply wasn’t meant to catch one. My enthusiasm dwindled after each fishless session and my focus eventually turned to “easier” targets. I’m sure many anglers have experienced much the same thing. It wasn’t until recently, with the introduction of new and interesting lures, that I found the urge to try a different, more hands-on approach to targeting mulloway.

On an overcast chilly winter morning, mid-tide, drifting along a steep bank on one of my favourite estuaries I had finally met my angling nemesis. Those exciting stories of jolting headshakes and powerful runs proved to be real. And here I was experiencing it first hand! It’s hard to describe the feeling of finally hooking a mulloway, let alone fighting and actually landing one…

Warren Keelan


This story was first published in the Fishing World February2013 issue.

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