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BACK in September last year we ran an initial story on Iso rock fishing, or “new age bobby corking”. It gave an overview of the tackle, rigs and innovative techniques used in this form of fishing, and had some pretty snappy Scott Thomas photographs of a group of us in action with some respectable luderick we collared on the day. But I felt I’d let the team down, only because a couple of weeks earlier I’d ventured out with Iso promoters Jay and Gabriel on a “trial run”, just to get a feel for the technique. On that trip we caught some good pigs, as well bream, luderick and other by-catch species. And I left my camera gear at home.
So the initial story was, I think, a good, informative one and the photos were fine …but no pig shots. And to be frank, pigs are the primary target for Iso anglers. Jay and Gabriel became even keener to showcase their skills on pigs with the Iso gear, and after several false starts due to Sydney’s bizarre run of non-seasonal big southerly swells, we finally got out for a dedicated pig-chasing session. Just to confound us, there was a reasonable north-easterly swell coming through on the day, so we chose a south-east facing rock ledge on Sydney’s south side, hoping it would be both safe and provide enough wash to get the pigs going.

By way of penance I resolved not to fish, just to take photographs. Fisho’s NT Correspondent, Peter Zeroni, the only man in the world who will hook a barra and then throw the rod at you so he can take jump shots, would be proud of me …

John Newbery


This story was first published in the Fishing World January2013 issue.

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