10 ways to justify a fishing trip

THIS idea was adapted from a recent humorous post we saw on Alaskan-based fly fishing website Deneki Outdoors.

If you’re having difficulty explaining to your partner why you need to take another fishing trip – whether it’s a week long barra adventure or a weekend down the coast with mates – this handy list might help you out.
Note: At the risk of sounding sexist the following apply more for blokes although we’d love to hear from girls who have trouble getting away fishing! 

  • I’ve been working my butt off and I really need a break – before I break!
  • It’s good for business. My best client/potential client/business partner is going and I will be able to improve our relationship (suck up) so much that the trip will easily pay for itself.
  • It’s good for the family. This will be a great opportunity for me to spend quality time with my son/granddaughter/father-in-law/… or grill the potential future son-in-law.
  • I’ll be happier/more relaxed/more productive/attentive when I get back. After I get back I’ll be so recharged that I’ll easily finish off the kitchen renovations/house repaint/do the garden landscaping/lodge our tax returns for the last 10 years.
  • You can take a trip too. While I’m gone/when I get back, you can take that health spa/shopping/girls’ weekend (week?) away you’ve been talking about.
  • You can relax/get a lot done while I’m out of your hair. Think of all the time to yourself!
  • I need to use all the *expensive new gear I’ve bought and this trip will increase the return on my investment. (*Use this one with extreme caution.)
  • It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. These dates are never available, and I’ve always wanted to go. It may be the only time that my best friend/business partner/potential client can make the trip.
  • I’ll buy you some nice *jewellery/new outfit etc. (*Bribery works sometimes, but is best only used as a last resort).
  • I really like to fish, *it’s important to me and I’m much happier when I get to do it. (*Probably the most legitimate reason – honesty is usually the best policy).

    Feel free to send in your suggestions!

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