2019 SIMRAD Victorian Broadbill Championship on now

The 2019 SIMRAD Victorian Broadbill Championship commenced on May 11 and will run until June 11 (image: Lee Rayner via Facebook)..

THE 2019 SIMRAD Victorian Broadbill Championship is on now. It is based at Lakes Entrance and will run until June 11.

For more information about this massive event and celebration of game fishing in Victoria, click HERE.

Swordfish can live for 15 years, grow up to 4.5 m and weigh up to 540 kg. They’re highly migratory and found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans.

Targeting swordfish is growing in popularity across the south-east coast of Australia including Victoria and Tasmania because they’re a great sportfish and excellent eating.

In Victoria, swordfish carry a bag and possession limit of 1 and have no legal size limit.

East Gippsland has become a hot-spot for swordfish with national records (official and unofficial) being smashed. Lakes Entrance and Mallacoota have seen some giants ranging from 349 to 436 kg.

Swordfish are usually found in depths of up to 550 m, typically residing along the edge of the continental shelf, with deep-drop offs the most common strategy to target them.

Anglers have invested their fishing licence fees into valuable research to help inform our future management of swordfish to ensure sustainability.

Dr. Sean Tracey from the University of Tasmania and Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies is working with anglers to tag swordfish. The tags record the swordfish’s movements and water temperature, depth and light intensity 

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