3-month zero bag in for bass & EPs

NSW DPI is reminding anglers a ban on taking Australian bass and estuary perch from all rivers and estuaries is in place from June 1, for three months.
Both Australian bass and estuary perch form schools and migrate to parts of estuaries with the correct salinity to trigger spawning. The zero bag limit was introduced after a three year review into NSW recreational fishing rules was finalised last year.
The zero bag limit does not close any waters to fishing and does not affect anglers fishing for other estuary species such as bream or flathead. However, any bass or estuary perch caught must be immediately returned to the water with the least possible injury.

NSW DPI Senior Fisheries Inland manager Cameron Westaway said the zero bag limit does not apply to Australian bass in freshwater impoundments and dams, as bass will not breed in these areas.
NSW DPI Fisheries officers will be patrolling bass waters during the zero bag limit period to advise anglers on the fishing rules and enforce size and bag limits for other species.

Anyone caught retaining Australian bass and estuary perch can be issued with an on the spot penalty of $500.

The zero bag limit is in place till August 31.



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