Alvey Anglers Australia Fishing Competition

To enter, you must be a member of the Alvey Anglers Australia Facebook page, and only Alvey reels can be used.

ALVEY fishing reels are continuing to receive lots of support from the anglers that swear by them – and one group of keen Alvey enthusiasts is hosting a month-long fishing competition this September.

Open to all members of the Alvey Anglers Australia Facebook Page, the only other qualifier is that only Alvey reels can be used.  The reel can be new, used, salvaged or inherited – as long as it’s a genuine Alvey!

“Most our members are second or third generation Alvey users – we have over 1600 members and there is some real history amongst this group,” said founder Brett Weiler (Caboolture, Qld).

Just a few more entries are need to ensure minimum numbers for the competition to go ahead – so new members are encouraged to join and enter this year’s competition.

“Of those already registered, there are some fantastic reels intended to be cast this September – including old wooden and Bakelite models plus of course the newer lighter models. The oldest reel that we know of that will be part of the competition is one from the 1950s – but entries are still open for another week,” said Brett.

Using an Alvey reel is second nature to Brett Weiler – his maternal grandfather was an Alvey Casting Champion back in the 60s, and his father’s family ran a woodturning business that created prototypes for the classic wooden reels that avid Alvey collectors admire. 

It’s no wonder Brett sports an Alvey logo tattoo – some suspect it may be a birthmark!

While the Alveys do find favour amongst anglers up and down the Queensland coastline, the group’s membership includes anglers and collectors from all over the country – so a decision was made to open this up to be an Australia-wide competition. 

With several fishing competitions based on targeting specific species or using particular gear – with another Alvey only competition happening in Queensland in October – the group decided that once it hit 1500 members it’d hold its own competition. Targeting off-the-beach favourites of bream, flathead, tailor and Australian salmon, the inaugural Alvey Anglers Australia Fishing Competition is an Australia-wide event and has great prizes on offer from great Australian companies – including Alvey reels, Platypus fishing line and rods from Wilson Australia and Gary Howard.

Plus, to cater for occasional recreational fishers, they have allowed fish caught during the entire month of September to be eligible, and if you register your best fish and then land a better one – you can update your entry. Responsible fishing practices such as catch and release are encouraged, with entry by photograph on a recognised brag mat/fish ruler.

“Many of my own reels were passed on to me from my Pop,” said Brett. “I have over 20 of them – but the irony is that these reels were so well designed that I don’t really need to buy any new ones – the old models continue to fish really well – but you can never have enough Alvey reels!”

“Alveys live up to their promise of being able to out fish, outcast and out last other reels. Our members are proof that the reels themselves just keep on going, with many still using their old wooden reels on beaches around Australia and beyond – we even have a member based in the UK.

“We know that many of our members have a number of reels in their fishing gear, but this is an Alvey only competition,” said Brett. “We want to give further support to the trusted Alvey reel, allowing its production to continue”.

The competition has been designed to encourage members to get out fishing with their Alvey reels – be they old or new – not that they really need an excuse to go fishing!


Payment of entry fees extended until Tuesday, August 28, 2018. The entry fee is just $15, and is open to existing and new members of the Alvey Anglers Australia Facebook Page

To join the group, and to register for the competition, please visit Alvey Anglers Australia. This is a closed Facebook group, established in January this year by Brett Weiler as a community for those who love using and/or collecting the traditional Alvey sidecaster reel. Joining the group is easy – just register and advise where you are from, where you like to fish and the Alvey reels you use.  Once accepted, you can start sharing your stories, your garage sale finds and gain insights into the new Alvey you are considering purchasing. 

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