Tuesday, March 5, 2024

B52 junior

THE Reidys Junior B52 will swim at 2-3 feet, and is slow to rise when paused, making this an excellent lure around shallow snags and weed beds. With constant twitches of the rod tip the lure will dart and imitate a scared baitfish. The lure can also be trolled at slow troll speeds with gentle twitches of the rod tip for the dart and pause effect. Feedback has come in the form of catches of barra, mangrove jacks, sooty grunter and down in Tassie on salmon, kingfish and even trout. The Junior B52 is 100mm & weighs 16g and is fitted with 2x heavy duty size 2 treble hooks & heavy duty split rings.

Contact: Reidys on (08) 8988 4760; info@reidyslures.com

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