Bassing with 2500 Freams

I’VE recently had the pleasure of using one of Daiwa’s latest intermediate range of reels – the Freams – and it performed every bit as good as it looks. I have tested this 2500 sized spinning reel on big impoundment bass in heavy timber, heavy lizards in local estuaries and large topwater bream on the flats – this reel did the job with ease.

It’s first trip was on a weekend camping trip to Glenbawn Dam, in the Hunter region of NSW in search of a few solid bass. We launched our canoes at around 5:00am on the first morning, paddling past the dam wall in search of some heavy timber. After about thirty minutes of paddling we arrived at what looked to be solid bass country – snags and dead trees galore!

I launched a spinnerbait right into the back of the timber, allowing it to sink for a few seconds, then commenced a slow roll back out through the snags. On the fourth turn of the handle my lure was belted, resulting in the hook-up of an average Glenbawn bass of around 38cm. Our hard work had paid off, as we’d found what we came for and I was able to put my Freams to work on the very first cast!

We continued to pepper the banks and timber using the same technique and managed to land five more bass, the biggest measuring 41cm which topped off a great morning session. The 2500 Freams is perfectly suited to this type of fishing as it is super light and can be used all day long with no wrist fatigue. Having a decent amount of drag pressure and a high gear ratio allowed me to extract some rampaging bass from their snaggy homes for a quick photo before release.

In the few months I have owned this Freams I have used it in many situations, resulting in some memorable catches. I matched this reel to a light Sol type 11: 7’,2-8lb, making it an ideal and highly affordable bream/bass combination. The 2500 Freams is perfect for every style of light estuary fishing, and works well with anything from 4lb, right through to 12lb braided line.

Review by James Moller – Daiwa Team Angler

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Daiwa Freams reels are also ideal for chasing horse bream! 

For more details on the Daiwa Freams visit: 

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