Boswell attacks Government’s fishing policy

QUEENSLAND Nationals Senator Ron Boswell has gone on the attack in the Senate to take the Labor Government to task over its fishing policy.  

Speaking on the Maritime Powers Bill before the Senate, Boswell questioned the Gillard Government’s former alliance with the Greens and its lack of clear direction in regards to management of commercial and recreational fishing in Australia. 

“I would criticise the Labor government policy for recreational and commercial fishing, but the fact is the Labor government does not have a fishing policy,” the Senator said.

“What it does have is a policy to maintain the support of their effective coalition partners in government, the Greens—a policy that has been scripted by international environmental

“This involves locking out fishermen, both commercial and recreational, from vast areas of Australian waters containing stocks of fish that all the science says are being caught sustainably.

“Fisheries science says they can be caught, common sense says they should be caught, but, of course, the international environmental lobbyists have ordained they will not be caught.

“Those are the people this government listens to.”

Senator Boswell’s speech can be read in full HERE.

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