By Georges, it’s a barra!

OVER the weekend a competitor in the Gamakatsu Teams Series scored a very unusual catch from Sydney’s Georges River.

Liam Carruthers, of team “The Vibe” was having a pre-fish with team mate Paul Wilson on the Georges for Round 4 of the Gamakatsu Teams Series.

Here’s what Liam had to say in an email to Fisho:

“After fishing the bottom end of the system we decided to work our way up the river. On our way up we found someone had broken down and required a tow to Oatley Bay boat ramp. Once we had completed the tow just 30 metres away from the boat ramp we decided to flick under some pontoons and moored boats.

“My tournament partner Paul Wilson casted his lightly weighted Gulp Shrimp under a moored boat let it sink and bang he was on and calling for me to electric away from structure. As we moved away from the structure to my suprise he called out ‘Barra! Barra!’

“As you can imagine I was thinking this was a bit strange but I paused in shock as the barra jumped out the water shaking its head no less than six times. Once I realised what was happening I reached for my phone and started recording the final minutes of the fight before reaching for the landing net and landing the fish. To note the water was 18 degrees. A few quick happy snaps were taken and the fish was returned to the moored boat it was pulled from. The fish was in very healthy condition.”

For the record Paul’s barra measured 48cm and was landed on a 1-3 kg Nitro rod balanced with a Shimano Stradic Ci4 reel 1000 spooled with 3lb flurocarbon Line.

Anyone else encountered a Sydney barra?

What's your reaction?

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