Call for National Recreational Fishing Charter

The Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation (ARFF) has launched a call for A Charter for Recreational Fishing in Australia.

In a released statement, the ARFF says Australia needs a national Charter or comprehensive policy plan for recreational fishing, so that the important role recreational fishing plays within our community is better understood by decision makers and the broader Australian community.

The following initiatives are proposed by the ARFF as part of the development of a national Charter for Australia’s recreational fishers:
• The appointment of a Minister for recreational fishing;
• The establishment of a Recreational Fishing Council to act as a point of engagement between the recreational fishing community on key policy developments and implementation;
• A scientific review to inform how decisions are made about access to marine reserves;
• The recognition of fishing as a sport by the Australian Sports Commission;
• The development of a long term sustainable funding model for representation and policy
development activities;
• A national education strategy to facilitate and co-ordinate education activities at the national, state and local levels;
• A research trust fund that will work with existing funding and research mechanisms to focus research on priority areas for recreational fishing policy; and
• An environmental trust fund that will work with existing funding mechanisms and on-ground organisations to facilitate activities that enhance and protect riverine and marine habitats.

The ARFF is asking all political parties to consider its call for a National Charter for Australia’s recreational fishers and adopt the initiatives required for the Charter as part of their policy platform leading up to the 7 September Election.

A full copy of A Charter for Recreational Fishing in Australia can be downloaded at:

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