Carp Control Plan approaching finalisation

The National Carp Control Plan is in its last six months of finalisation (image: Martin Auldist).

The National Carp Control Plan is in its last six months of finalisation, with a comprehensive report leading to the possible release of the carp herpes virus within two years, if approved by all levels of government.

According to an article in The Land, Carp Plan co-ordinator Matt Barwick says there would be large scale benefits if carp were removed including improving the quality of water for councils to access from rivers. 

“Some councils are already finding ways to control carp to improve drinking water quality but we expect that to increase if carp are removed, and there will be savings,” he said.

A reliable estimate of the tonnage of carp in the river systems is expected in the report. It is estimated that carp already make up 80 per cent of the biomass in many rivers. The biggest issue confronting the release of the virus is what will happen if there is a mass kill of carp and how that could damage rivers and native fish population.

On the positive side, the largest area of savings or benefits will come through increased tourism and fishing if carp are removed, according to Mr Barwick.

You can read the full article HERE.


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